‘He Saw The Troubled Man’

He saw the troubled man
As he walked down the street
His eyes were full of sorrow
His head bowed to his feet.

He followed closely behind
As the man made his way
No one glanced in his direction
As he gave a nervous sway.

He couldn’t stand it any more
So he sped up to the lonely man
Glancing deeply into his eyes
He tried to formulate a plan.

“What troubles you my friend?” he asked
“Why so sad on this lovely day?”
And the man raised up his head
His complexion dark and grey.

The man opened up his mouth
But no words escaped from within
There was no way of knowing
Where his pain did first begin.

He was just about move along
When the man began to speak
“If you can’t answer that question then
its obvious why things are so bleak”

And with that the man was gone
Leaving in his wake
The realisation of one simple thing
One huge foolish mistake.

There was no man, only a reflection
That bounced off the window pane
It was him with the eyes of sadness
And his heart that was racked with pain.

He was the troubled man
Who walked on down the street
He kept his face looking downward
So his reflection he’d never need to greet

By James Wiffen


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